"Nutrient management" means controlling the delivery of nitrates and phosphates into soil, groundwater, and surface water so that there is minimal environmental impact. Due to the large quantities of nutrients added and cycled in crop and livestock production, nutrient management is critical for agriculture. Nutrient management is smart business. By preserving water quality, agriculture aids in sustaining valuable natural resources and avoiding costly long-term water treatment. Additionally, there are numerous economic incentives for agricultural businesses and landowners to design, implement, and upgrade nutrient management systems. Links to programmatic guidelines and technical guidance for nutrient management are listed below:

Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program

Nutrient Management in PA: NRCS

The Nutrient Management Act Program in PA, Technical Guidance

Nutrient Management and Pennsylvania Chesapeake Bay Program (PA DEP)

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Nutrient Management Program

Nutrient Management Funding Program in Pennsylvania, Statement of Policy