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Creative Nonfiction

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The Truth About Goats by Jessica Mills '14
This essay reveals "the truth about goats" through the author's personal experiences with her own goats.

Things I Don't Remember by John Dubensky '14
This essay is about the little things in life— sometimes mundane, sometimes not—that for whatever reason we just can't seem to commit to memory.

Working in Retail by Alexis Hadden '15
This creative, very authentic, nonfiction essay describes the actual events of a college-aged girl working in a miserable department store.

Living on a Farm by Rebecca Carr '15
The author reflects on working with her family on their farm.


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is forever only forever until it’s not?
do a bird’s wings only stretch so far until they snap in half?

your voice crackles over the phone
two hearts stitched together,
a bad science experiment for teenagers
straining against the mountains
string stretching against the contractions

the crackling over the phone lets me know you
love me—a successful close in the surgery room
the sun is rising over the mountains
the steel table warmed as the heart
monitor’s pace quickens

but is forever only forever until it’s not?
what if the words I sent
grew wings and snapped in half
over the mountains? How do I begin to
reach you on this treacherous terrain?

but then your words wrap around me,
like gauze over a long incision, and
reassurance covers the most wounded part of
me. Maybe forever will last, maybe wings
won’t snap. Maybe we’ll be okay.

--Alexandra San Miguel '16

The King of Weirdness
His Highness sits atop his throne
Crafted from worn teddy bears, broken red tricycles, and candy wrappers of all colors
Upon his head rests his illustrious crown
Made of burnt oak branches and shimmering with used paperclips
His shoes of Swiss cheese clip-clop down the corridors of his palace
Passing his servants of ancient bubblegum dreams
On days of sunshine, he decrees free ice cream for his servants to wear on their heads
When rain comes, he orders bowling tournaments using the biggest grapefruit in the kingdom
With snow comes his need to cartwheel around his throne twenty-seven times
And with wind comes his desire to bury himself in a fort of blue down pillows
His eyes are like a child’s remembering his birthday
And his smile is an upside down crescent moon of freshly brushed teeth
Some may bombard him with laughter’s cannon fire
Others growl like rats at the sight of his shadow
And still others present their backs to him, and their backs only
But he only hears one voice
The one that rises above the crowd
And says, “God save the King.”

--Phil Oberholzer '14

Visual Literacy

Street Art

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Created with flickr slideshow.


Identity Maps

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Created with flickr slideshow.

Visual Literacy Final Projects

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Violence and Agression in Film by Sarah Bennett '14

Subverting Beauty: Adventures in Ad-Busting by CJ Briggs '14

Street Art and Social Change by Leah Grubb '14

Resurrection of the Enthy(meme) by Mike Melvin '14

Students' Perception of Maps and Juniata College by Lauren Frantz '15

Deceptive and Shock Advertising: Relying on Ethos to Inform by Jeannine Haizlip '15

The Male and Female Gazes by Anvy Tran '17


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Fire in Blue Moon Forge: a Documentary of Blacksmithing by Aley Roemer '14
This documentary video is about Dave Berger and his blacksmithing work and his process of making a bottle opener for Boxer's Cafe.


Red Lipstick by Miranda Wales '14 and Zach Strouse '14
This video explores opinions about make-up and individuals’ views of how women are represented rather than perceived through male perspectives in the media.


Grounded by Leah Grubb '14
This video explores the life of a local working-class man. The story mixes voice-overs with footage of the seemingly mundane, but important tasks of the life he lives. Viewers are forced to reconcile their initial perceptions with the reality that this video reveals.


Finding My Beauty Through Dance by Alexis Hadden '13
Images that we see in the media often have very exaggerated portrayals of how an “attractive person” should look. Because of this, many people struggle to perfect themselves and their bodies. In reality, everyone is beautiful and has a way of showing their inner beauty. My way is dance.



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Established in 1924 as a continuation of “The Echo,” 1891

The Juniatian is a working newspaper produced by students in the course to inform the Juniata College campus community about events and issues that affect the College and those connected to it. Students participating in the course should acquire various practical and professional skills while working collaboratively in a vocational setting to produce a quality newspaper.

"I think that the Juniatian features dedicated reporters, columnists and photographers as well as strong leadership from the editors to produce a high-quality student newspaper." --Will Dickey, Faculty Advisor


Contact information:
667 Juniata College
Huntingdon, Pa 16652


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Kvasir is a club on campus founded in 1964. It is a student run literary magazine that publishes student writing (poems and short stories) and various types of artwork.

Kvasir gets its name from the Norse myth of a wise teacher, born from the saliva of two gods, who traveled far and wide spreading knowledge. Kvasir was killed by two dwarfs who drained him of his blood and mixed it with honey to make the Mead of Poetry. The drinker of the Mead attains wisdom; able to recite information and solve any question. As the Mead spread, poetry was introduced to mankind.

Anyone can be a part of Kvasir and can join during Lobsterfest. The magazine comes out twice a year (one magazine per semester) and any student can submit work. Members of the club review submissions and vote on what will go into the magazine. The club also tries to involve the community by having events such as poetry readings at the nearby Standing Stone cafe and bringing artists such as poet/author Gary Fincke to Juniata for readings.