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Teaching Competencies for Professional Educators

In accordance with the teaching competencies written by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Education Department at Juniata College has designed its teacher education programs to assist students in preparation for the issuance of an Instructional I certificate. Each program provides teacher education candidates with an opportunity to apply multiple theories, concepts, and evidence-based practices in a classroom setting.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education Teaching Competencies are divided into four categories: (I) Planning and Preparation, (II) Classroom Environment, (III) Instructional Delivery, and (IV) Professionalism.

Category I: Planning and Preparation - Student teacher/candidate demonstrates thorough knowledge of content and pedagogical skills in planning and preparation. Student teacher makes plans and sets goals based on the content to be taught/learned, knowledge of assigned students, and the instructional context. (Alignment: 354.33. (1)(i)(A), (B), (C), (G), (H))

Category II: Classroom Environment – Student teacher/candidate establishes and maintains a purposeful and equitable environment for learning, in which students feel safe, valued, and respected, by instituting routines and setting clear expectations for student behavior. (Alignment: 354.33. (1)(i)(E), (B))

Category III – Instructional Delivery - Student teacher/candidate, through knowledge of content, pedagogy and skill in delivering instruction, engages students in learning by using a variety of instructional strategies. (Alignment: 354.33. (1)(i)(D),(F),(G))

Category IV – Professionalism - Student teacher/candidate demonstrates qualities that characterize a professional person in aspects that occur in and beyond the classroom/building. Alignment: 354.33. (1)(i)(I),(J)