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Our digital media program develops students who are known for creatively solving problems, managing change, and embracing life-long learning.  Our graduates will be recognized as flexible thinkers, confident communicators, valued team members, and responsible, ethical managers.  They will be leaders.


We provide the finest undergraduate digital media education available at a national liberal arts college.  We are committed to the traditions of depth and breadth in liberal arts studies and center our students' understanding of digital technology in the nexus of global and cultural change.  Our students are the generation from whom the next great ideas will come.  Our work is focused on helping these future leaders reach their potential, for themselves and for the world.

The program educates students in the technology skills of today, but--because technologies are transient--we go well beyond the development of specific technical skills and knowledge.  In the face of rapid change, our program emphasizes the development of skills that will serve our students and the organizations they join well into the future...skills in communication, management, problem solving, and teamwork.  We instill in our students a focus on applying technology to solve problems and create opportunities.


Our students are preparing for change through interdisciplinary study and hands-on applications of digital media.  That study is reinforced and challenged by our

-Liberal Arts foundation

-Flexible Program of Emphasis

-Innovations for Industry Sequence

-Interdisciplinary integration across the curriculum

-Community of students, faculty, and professionals working together

Types of internships Juniata students receive range from Digital Media Graphics, Technical Writing, Health Communication, Mass Media to Public Relations.