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Marine Biology Program of Emphasis

Juniata College has established a semester-long cooperative program with the University of Oregon’s Marine Biology (OIMB) research station during which students enroll for 12 to 15 hours of credit in marine biology. The participating student also may have research options. Following a strongly competitive application process, this important opportunity will be available to a highly motivated student interested in a career in marine or aquatic science. Students apply in their sophomore or junior year through Dr. Vince Buonaccorsi, Assistant Professor of biology. A year of biology, chemistry, and associated math is required. Oceanography (Geology 111) is strongly suggested in the Freshman or Sophomore year. Additional fees may apply. Links to current classes offered and general information about the research station may be found at

Juniata does not offer a Marine Biology major. However, qualifying credits earned through this program count as upper level Juniata Biology credits, furthering progress towards a Juniata degree.