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Art History Faculty

Jennifer Streb

Jennifer Streb, Associate Professor of Art History and Curator, Juniata College Museum of Art

Judith Maloney

Judith Maloney, Instructor of Art History and Director, Juniata College Museum of Art

Karen Rosell

Karen Rosell, Professor of Art History

Studio Faculty

Monika Malewska

Monika Malewska, Associate Professor of Art

Bethany Benson

Bethany Benson, Associate Professor of Art

Patricia Howard

Patricia Howard, Assistant Professor of Art


Alexander McBride

Alexander McBride, Professor Emeritus

Jack Troy

Jack Troy, Professor Emeritus

Adjunct Faculty

Laura Wingard, Instructor of Art History

John Simmons, Lecturer in Art

Julianne Snider, Lecturer in Art

Jason Gorcoff, Lecturer in Art

Robert Boryk, Lecturer in Art