Accounting, Business,
and Economics

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It is a very exciting time in the study and practice of management. Never before have companies had to compete so vigorously and manage so effectively. Juniata Accounting, Business, and Economics faculty share this sense of excitement and endeavor to carry this into our courses. The Management POE at Juniata College invites you to study across the functional areas of business. In several of the functional areas, you will have the opportunity to study in greater depth. You are encouraged to explore and pursue internship experiences while at Juniata. In your senior year, you will experience a capstone course in management that is intended to amplify and connect the many facets of your studies.

Studying Management at Juniata will expose you to the traditional functions of business (accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing, and productions and operations management). Your study in these areas will be bathed in a liberal arts perspective that demands keen and creative analysis, quality writing, and capable presentation skills. In addition, it is possible to blend the study of information technology with the study of management, through Juniata's Information Technology program. One might also aspire to be an Entrepreneurial Studies scholar, flavoring the study of management with aspects of entrepreneurship. Several Entrepreneurial Studies scholarships are available to incoming students each academic year.

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