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Human Resource Management

Today, companies around the world are realizing that they can capture extraordinary value and achieve competitive advantage by effectively managing their human assets. The Human Resource Management POE at Juniata College provides a multidisciplinary experience that is firmly anchored in Human Resource Management and Management. When you study Human Resource Management at Juniata you will explore the other traditional functions of business (accounting, finance, marketing, and productions and operations management). In addition, you will take upper level management classes that cover aspects of Human Resource Management. Finally, you will be asked to complement your study with several courses from one of the following academic disciplines: Communications, Peace and Conflict Studies, or Psychology. You are encouraged to explore and pursue internship opportunities in human resource management while at Juniata.

Our approach to Human Resource Management is very consistent with what one might expect at a liberal arts institution. You will learn how to analyze human resource problems and write about these problems clearly and with insight. You will be introduced to and be asked to challenge some of the fundamental issues that are relevant to employer-employee relationships. You will not be asked to memorize personnel policies and practices. This fundamental approach to Human Resource Management is somewhat unique and will position graduates to grapple intelligently with any and all human resource problems and to be ahead of the curve when it comes to producing creative solutions to these kinds of problems.

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