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Like all aspects of business, the role of the financial manager is changing as the economy becomes more global, the capital markets move to a 24/7/365 environment, and the pace of change quickens. Still, the fundamental questions remain the same:

If you want to help businesses large and small make these decisions, you need to have an understanding of the internal workings of the organization and the external environments in which it operates. You can gain that perspective with a liberal arts education from Juniata College and a POE in Finance.

The core of the Finance POE consists of exposure to all of the areas in a traditional business curriculum. The emphasis of the program is on upper-level courses in Finance, Accounting, and Management Information Systems. A unique feature of our program is the emphasis on Accounting, the language of business, and the important role it plays in financial decision-making.

While the program is geared toward careers in corporate finance, our graduates are prepared for and have gone on to careers in banking, insurance, and investments.

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