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In the Accounting program at Juniata, you will learn the accounting theory and procedures that you will encounter in the business world and on the Certified Public Accounting examination. The program is crafted to give you the technical skills expected of accounting graduates at good colleges as well as hands on experience in applying those skills. The hands on experience comes from opportunities in class as well as outside of class. In courses, you will work alone and in teams to study application of theory and present your findings to others. You will become proficient in designing and using spreadsheets and in other computer applications so that you can analyze and present data effectively. As a strong liberal arts college, Juniata will prepare you to be a well-rounded, broadly educated accountant who can adapt to the changing environment of business and to the world of work.

Career Opportunities

Every organization that collects and spends money needs accountants. Accountants work for large organizations, like General Motors, and for small ones, like a rock band. They work for privately owned or publicly owned companies, for-profit or not-for-profit organizations. Accountants are well trained to own their own businesses-and many do. They can work for the government, are well prepared to go on to law or graduate school, or they can work for an accounting firm. Accountants can specialize in not-for-profit accounting, in auditing, in taxation, in computer applications, or in business consulting. In small to medium size firms, many accountants often do not specialize. Instead, they love the variety and challenge that comes from working in many areas. The choice is yours and it is wide open. The undergraduate program in accounting at Juniata will give you the background to make your choice.

Accounting opens doors. With a degree in accounting, potential employers will know you have developed technical skills. They will know that you can manipulate and understand numbers, that you are computer literate, that you can speak accounting-the language of business- and that you can apply theory to the problem at hand. They will know that you have succeeded in a rigorous and thorough course of study that has prepared you for the business world. Accounting offers a lucrative path for students to gain excellent entry-level jobs and to advance into positions of increasing challenge and responsibility.


At Juniata, there is a designated Program of Emphasis in Accounting (Major in Accounting). The program embodies two areas of study. First, in the business foundation courses, you will gain a broad overview of the business environment as well as learn the theory and techniques to analyze business problems. Second, in the accounting courses, you will learn accounting theory and practices that constitute the body of knowledge needed to pursue a career in accounting.

The Designated Program of Emphasis consists of the following courses:

Business foundation courses
Accounting Courses

It is also possible for you to craft your own Individualized Program of Emphasis. Through close work with your faculty advisors, you determine which courses will help you achieve your career goal.

Graduate School

Accounting students often wish to attend graduate school and many of our students have done so. With most states requiring 150 credit hours to sit for the CPA examination, accounting students are taking a renewed interest in advanced study. Juniata offers a Master of Accounting program designed to prepare students for entry into a world where individuals must have a command of relevant knowledge about accounting, management, and economics, and have a capacity to apply that knowledge in addressing problems and making decisions.

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