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Registration Billing FAQ


  1. How do I change my address information?
  2. How do I get verification from Juniata that I am a student?
  3. Registration and Billing?
  4. How do I order a transcript?
  5. How do I transfer in credit if I am interested in bringing extra courses?
  6. Grading and Release of Information?


  1. How do I change my address information?
    You can submit a change of address to the Registrar's department (available online or in the Registrar's Office). This will update your record for the entire campus.
  2. How do I get verification from Juniata that I am a student?
    Please send a letter, the form, or an email to the Registrar's Office with your name, address, ID # or SSN to our office. We can write a verification letter for health insurance, auto insurance for good student standing, verification of enrollment for scholarships, loans, etc. If your request is annual, we will need a reminder each time. Please provide your policy number and the address where it needs to be sent.
  3. Registration and Billing?
    A student's registration is automatically calculated with the amount of credits and the fees associated with the courses that they are taking. This information is located in the ARCH for students under MY SCHEDULE. FULLTIME registration is 12 to 18 credits (average load is 15 credits). An OVERLOAD fee is charged when a students goes to 19 credits and above. Lab fees are attached to courses for supply and materials, lab, field trips, etc. Students must DROP courses in the first 7 days of the semester to get a full refund. Once the course has commenced no refund will be made.
  4. How do I order a transcript?
    Students must provide signatures to process any transcript requests. The request form is located here. For third party submissions: the Registrar's Office needs an official signed request with the following information: Your name, address, telephone number, ID # or SSN, how many copies, and where it needs to be sent.

    For students needing copies to enclose in mailings, request as above, but the transcript will be stamped across the envelope seal and front left hand corner and you DO NOT OPEN, simply enclose the envelope in your application.

    Usually there is a 3 to 4 day turn around time. Transcripts can be requested by Fax with the above information and signature to (814) 641-3199. Please indicate a due date if there is a deadline. The first 25 transcript requests are free; after 25, the transcript is $5.00 per copy. To send it Federal Express, we charge you the rate Fedex would charge.

    Contact Person: Carrie Rhodes - Scheduling Assistant (814) 641-3173

    Contact Carrie if you have questions about:

    • Registration
    • Course Scheduling
    • Independent Study
    • Event Scheduler
    • Advisor Changes
    • Internships
    • Room Scheduling
    • Curriculum Committee
    • Credit by Exams
    • Notary
    • Address Changes
    • New Course Proposals
    • Summer School Contact
    • Student Loan Clearinghouse
    • VA and Government Agencies
    • Enrollment/Insurance Letters
  5. How do I transfer in credit if I am interested in bringing extra courses?
    Students must submit a transfer clearance form to have their advisors and the Department Chair of the course subject for prior approval. Students need to submit this form before they leave campus. This is the only way transfer credit while matriculated are accepted. The courses can assist in fulfilling the liberal arts general education component and most importantly, program of emphasis courses must be evaluated closely. Only the credits are transferred in. The grades don't. Students who have never brought in transfer credit, can bring in 15 credits with 8 used for their program of emphasis.

    Contact Person: Jodi Prough - Academic Records Assistant (814) 641-3170

    Contact Jodi if you have questions about:

    • Transcript requests
    • Freshman credit
    • Transfer credit evaluation
    • AP credit evaluation
    • Course withdrawals
    • Incomplete grades
    • Social work statements
    • Education statements
    • Clearance for transfer credit
    • Grade changes
  6. Grading and Release of Information?
    Grades are not released without the student's authorization. Paper copies are not sent home. The student may view grades from the Student Academic Information thru the ARCH. Academic Actions letters are sent by certified letter to the student and after several days a copy is sent to the parent's address. The Registrar's Office will honor a student's request to not release information to parents if the student has requested us to not do so.

    Contact Person: Chris MacEachern - Assistant Registrar (814) 641-3172

    Contact Chris if you have questions about:

    • Program of Emphasis
    • Graduation Preparation
    • Web Page Maintenance
    • Initial Program of Emphasis
    • Degree Audits
    • Mid-Term Notices
    • Senior POE Review
    • Diploma Information/Ordering
    • On-Campus Reporting
    • Student Academic Development Committee