Recent Student Achievements


James A. Finnegan Fellowship Foundation

Derrick Magnotta

"All three of my politics professors, Dr. Barlow, Dr. Plane and Sam Hayes were key in helping me get this fellowship. For Sam Hayes, who had literally just met me, to spend two weeks helping me with my essay and other work—I don't think I would have won the Finnegan Fellowship if I had been working independently. You can learn politics and government in the classroom, but it's also important to be part of the process of government."
--Derrick Magnotta '14, Tafton, Pa.
POE: Politics

German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship

Erin McClure

"I would like a career in biomedical research and would like to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities in Germany. The DAAD scholarship will help me to focus on absorbing German culture and language—it's important to speak to other researchers for networking and for sharing information. Fluency in German and in English will be very helpful for my research career. I would like to spend at least a part of my career in Germany."
--Erin McClure '13, Reading, Pa
POE: Biochemistry

Fulbright Scholar

Jared Edgerton

"Three out of the four internships I participated in were set up by Juniata professors. I also did research with Dick Mahoney at the Baker Institute and I completed a research project for Emil Nagengast and also worked as a (politics) teaching assistant. These experiences all helped me develop my interest in peacekeeping and stability. All these interests will tie in with my time in Georgia, which recently had a war with Russia. Juniata gave me a lot of opportunities."
--Jared Edgerton '12, East Windsor, N.J.
POE: Political Economics

Fulbright Summer Fellows

Jerika Jordan

"Getting the chance to take part in this program is what drew me to Juniata's art history program. There is such an emphasis on community and studying abroad. I was just flattered to be asked to apply. I can't even explain how I felt when I got the email accepting me to the program."
--Jerika Jordan '14, Austin, Texas
POE: Art History and Museum Studies

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Katerina Korch

"I really became interested in research through attending the Liberal Arts Symposium my freshman year. All of the students were really excited to talk with me about their posters and they all encouraged me to get involved in research. The NSF is interested in both research and the broader impacts of your potential career. I can certainly attest that this place truly changes lives."
--Katerina Korch '12, Shillington, Pa.
POE: Chemistry

Fulbright Scholar

Michael Thompson

"The Fulbright will be invaluable. I will use the language and cultural experiences during my studies at graduate school (he is enrolled at the University of Michigan after completing his Fulbright). It really felt good to be picked as a finalist, but then I worried until they made a decision as to who received fellowships. The fellowship will enrich my study of China."
--Mike Thompson '12, Ann Arbor, Mich.
POE: International Politics

St. Andrews Society Scholarship

Zach Strouse

"The opportunity to compete for scholarships such as the St. Andrews Scholarship is crucial, because it allows students who could not financially afford a full year of study abroad to have the chance to immerse themselves in the rich literary and political history that is embedded in Scottish culture."
--Zach Strouse '14, Lock Haven, Pa.
POE: English literature and politics

Student Outcomes

The most important outcome for each student is preparation for a successful career and a satisfying life. Contributing to that is the momentum the student gains in college.

Juniata has one of the highest graduation rates in the region, and an impressive 96 % of students graduating do so within four years


Graduating in the shortest possible time, earning admission to competitive graduate and professional programs, and finding work in your chosen field are critical to long-term success.

You can learn more about Juniata’s ability to support outstanding student outcomes by going Behind the Scenes.

Juniata also provides recognition and opportunities for current students including national honorary societies in most disciplines and exceptional opportunities within some disciplines through the Fellows program.

Examples of Student Success