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Here, There, Everywhere:

Juniata Grads Cooperate in Grad School

By: Genna Welsh Kasun '06

Issue: Winter 2013

Photo: Courtesy: Lars Sahl

Community—it's not just an NBC sitcom; it's also the reason many students chose Juniata. And, it's the one thing alumni cite, again and again, that they love the most after they graduate. But, as it turns out, Juniata's community isn't limited to its campus.

When Josh Beaver '08 graduated from Juniata and headed to graduate school at U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, he decided to apply for a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (HSF-GRF). And, despite miniscule funding rates, he nailed it!

Beaver probably thought that the happy ending to his story had arrived when he got the award, but, as it turns out, the success he enjoyed, much of which was a result from his undergraduate work at Juniata, would lead him back to his Juniata roots. But soon, he found himself giving Katie Houston '11 and Brandon Moyer '10, also Juniata alumni, tours of U.N.C. as prospective students to the graduate school he now attends.

Now, Houston is relying on Beaver and Moyer for more than just down time hangouts and sharing take out. Beaver and Moyer—who won a Fulbright Fellowship during his senior year at Juniata—are mentoring Houston as she prepares her NSF-GRF application.

Josh initially encouraged me to write an application to NSF when I first got here, Houston says. It is interesting that there is a small Juniata community here at U.N.C, and it was especially nice when I first moved here.

Houston, Moyer and Beaver have also networked with Juniata alumni who work in the Chapel Hill area.