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Michelle Bartol

Michelle Bartol
Name: Michelle Bartol, Dean of Enrollment
Phone: (814) 641-3432

Michelle's Bio

Michelle discovered Juniata as a senior in high school. She attended Juniata and liked it so much that she never left! In the fall of 1984, she recruited students from Western Pennsylvania. It was after that first recruitment season that she decided to make a career out of college admissions! To date, she has represented Juniata in almost every region that the college actively recruits. Early on in her career, she served on the Legislative Concerns Committee and a conference planning committee for the Pennsylvania Association of College Admission Counselors. On Juniata's campus, Michelle is a member of the President's Cabinet, the College's Integrated Marketing Committee and chairs the Enrollment Management Committee. She also has served on the Juniata Middle States Planning Committee.

Michelle resides in Huntingdon with her husband, Tom, and daughter, Simone.


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