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Just The Facts

President Kepple talking with a student
Thomas R. Kepple Jr.

These pages contain answers - answers to what our classes look like, what we are doing about costs, what the experience is here for our students, to name a few. I am confident that whatever your questions might be, you will find the answer, or path to the answer, here.

At Juniata, we work on things as a community. Look at what we know about our programs, the successes, the challenges, the in-progress. Are we doing everything perfectly? Certainly not. But we do many things very well. And we are working to improve those things that need it.

About Our Students

Where are students from? What do they study? How many students do we have? read more >

International Profile

How diverse is our campus? How many students study abroad? read more >

What We Cost

What financial aid is available? How do we stay affordable? read more >

Campus Living

What are the dorms like? What amenities do students have? read more >

Strategic Plan

Wherever you see this icon, we've linked to corresponding text in Juniata's strategic plan.

Meet the Class of 2014

Why do our students choose Juniata? What's the gender split? What's the average GPA? read more >


Find out about the success of our students by academic interest. read more >

Classroom Environment

What's the average class size? Find out internship and research stats. read more >


How do we accomplish everything you've seen above? read more >

What Others Are Saying

What do our students say? How about College Guides? read more >