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Classroom Environment

Class Size

Student to Faculty Ratio

  • 13 to 1


  • Total: 150
  • Full-Time: 102
  • Teaching Assistants: 0
  • Those with Terminal
  • Female: 45%

Overall Evaluation of Educational Experience

Jim Lakso
Jim Lakso, Provost

Compared to peers, our senior NSSE results look better than the freshman results. Our students aren't "average" walking in the door and somehow transformed into something much better than average. If our students are better than average when they graduate it is because they were that way coming in... they just didn't know it. Juniata faculty get students to understand their strengths and to realize they're better than they think. They do this by both challenging and supporting them. It's a part of our culture I don't completely understand, but I am convinced it is real. Strategic Plan Link

Active and Collaborative Learning

  • 99% of our students contribute in class discussions
  • 99% of our students work with classmates outside of class

Internships Strategic Plan Link

  • 85% of recent classes have had one or more internships
  • Over 55% of students have on-campus jobs