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Study Abroad

Dana Schwab

I participated in the 'Photographing England' study abroad program. I didn't know anyone on the trip before we left; but, by the time we got back, I had great pictures, knowledge of a different culture and a bunch of new friends."

Dana Schwab '07

To help students develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of global citizens, Juniata encourages students to spend part of their time with us away from us so they can experience living and studying in another culture.

Did you know:

Through our Eagles Abroad program, we offer numerous study abroad and international internship opportunities. Students can also add a significant international dimension to their studies by taking enriching classes which might not be available on Juniata's campus.

Juniata offers Intensive English Programs and other resources through its Center for International Education that help students from other countries feel welcome and more comfortable in their new surroundings.