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National Conference on Undergraduate Research

NCUR is the premier national meeting devoted to undergraduate scholarship in all fields. NCUR represents an ideal opportunity for students to present their work to a national audience, composed of students and faculty from other colleges and universities, and to see what students at other schools are doing. It is an exciting meeting because you can see other talks both in your own field and in other fields you may have an interest in. Juniata has been sending students to NCUR for over ten years, and we are often one of the largest groups, especially after correcting for college size.

The meeting location and time varies from year to year, but it typically occupies Thursday to Saturday. Depending on where it is, that may require a student to commit Wednesday to Sunday for the trip. Applications are made in the fall, acceptances are received in January, and students must decide whether to go by the end of January. The Student Research and Fellowship Committee typically covers the entire cost of the meeting except food.

Visit the NCUR web site.