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Cultural Analysis and Interdisciplinary Requirements

All Juniata students complete two General Education courses after attaining sophomore standing. One course is chosen from the Interdisciplinary Colloquia offerings and one will be from the Cultural Analysis offerings.

Interdisciplinary Colloquia (IC)

Juniata has a strong tradition that requires students to experience a team-taught course that emphasizes reading, discussion and writing in an interdisciplinary setting. Although topics vary, all IC courses include serious consideration of the relationships between theory and practice in different disciplines and provide insight as to how an interdisciplinary approach can have a positive effect on individuals' personal and public lives.

Cultural Analysis (CA)

CA courses deal with human culture in its various forms: philosophic, literary, artistic, economic, social, political and scientific. Each course focuses on the thoughts and behaviors of individuals and groups and how relationships between ideas and institutions have shaped societies. Approaches include examining the historical development of a given culture over time; analyzing encounters or conflicts between two cultures or societies; and studying the variety of interactions among individuals and sub-groups within a given culture or society.