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Communication and Mathematical Requirements

In order to prepare for life after graduation, Juniata expects all students to acquire a basic set of communication and quantitative/analytical skills:

Communication Skills

During freshman year, all students complete the College Writing Seminar - an interdisciplinary course which introduces students to basic writing skills and communication that characterize the college experience and helps them think and express themselves more effectively in and out of the classroom. The course also integrates basic computer, library and Internet research and study skills, career planning and other issues relevant to first-year college students.

Students also are expected to complete at least four communications courses (minimum 12 credits), two of which must be writing-based and two of which may be speech-based. One writing-based (CW) course must be in the POE.

Quantitative/Analytical Skills

Before graduating, all students must also demonstrate that they have a basic competency in statistics as well as an understanding of basic mathematical skills. To satisfy the requirement, students have three options: complete a course which deals explicitly with both statistical and mathematical skills; complete one statistical and one mathematical course; or pass proficiency exams in math and statistics.