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Students who participated in independent study or developed their own major

Students who participated in study abroad.

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Enriching Educational Experiences

Co-curricular activities

"Participated in co-curricular activities (organizations, campus publications, student government, intercollegiate or intramural sports, etc.)" - 86% of Juniata students vs. 53% of students at all colleges.

Internships and Experience

"Participated in practicum, internship, field experience, co-op experience, or clinical assignment" - 80% of Juniata students vs. 50% of students at all colleges.

Community Service or volunteer work

"Participated in community service or volunteer work" - 71% of Juniata students vs. 60% of students at all colleges.

Encouraging Contact

"Institution has encouraged contact among students of different economic, social, and racial or ethnic backgrounds quite a bit or very much" - 65% of Juniata students vs. 51% of students at all colleges.