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Engaging Our Students

"NSSE should be a key instrument for every college and university that wants to improve its undergraduate education." - Thomas Ehrlich, Senior Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

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The National Survey of Student Engagement was developed to measure student engagement in their learning process. It provides a reliable indication of the quality of the educational experience that students receive. In the six years of the survey, Juniata has consistently compared favorably to other institutions in almost all areas measured by the study.

Juniata's NSSE Results

  1. Level of academic challenge
  2. Active and collaborative learning
  3. Student-faculty interaction
  4. Enriching educational experiences
  5. Supportive campus environment

These statistics are from the 2011 survey and represent results from seniors. Learn more about the benchmarks [pdf].

Contact the Institutional Research Office for our full NSSE report.