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Liberal Arts Distribution

Shawn McDonald

"Juniata opened my eyes to a totally different view on life. It is a great environment for learning - not just academically, which is fantastic, but learning about culture, learning about yourself and learning how to network and prepare yourself for a career."

Shawn McDonald '08

Without a doubt, students need a certain set of skills to succeed in their chosen professions. At the same time, however, Juniata believes students need the ability to approach and resolve issues from more than one perspective.

For that reason, Juniata requires all students to complete six credit hours of coursework in five specific liberal arts-related areas:

These cannot simply be introductory-level courses - students are expected to complete prerequisite classes or take 300-level courses in at least three of these five areas.

By completing these requirements, Juniata students develop and retain the "intellectual flexibility" they need to cope with whatever life throws their way.