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At Juniata, music is a passion, not a POE. Enrollment/membership in our classes and ensembles totals over 400 people each semester - with no students majoring or minoring in music. Your involvement in music at Juniata will allow you to...

Professors of Notes: Faculty Stay in Tune with Their Mucical Backgrounds

While Juniata is hardly the sort of “hey, let’s put on a show” campus folks associate with the television shows Glee or High School Musical—where teachers are more likely to belt out Defying Gravity than exploring Newton’s Second Law—many faculty on campus can rock the house, pedagogically speaking of course.

Not all the professors who can play an instrument are pictured here (we left out all the music faculty because it’s their job to play or sing), but it’s a good cross section of performing profs. Oh yes, we threw in the Blues Brothers, too. After all, the College’s founders were all soul men, too. Full Story...

Game On!: Juniata’s Musical Athletes Talk about Balance

Juniata students tend to clog their calendars. It’s part of the reason they become well-rounded citizens. We sat down with a few athletes who are also musicians and club members and asked them why they are uber-involved.

GK: You’re each athletes and musicians. What’s the downside to all of your involvement?

Melissa King ’13: I don’t get a whole lot of down time. I’m usually busy from 8 or 9 a.m. until 7 or 8p.m., which leaves me a limited time to get school work done and get some sleep. On weekends, I spend Saturdays at track meets and then try to catch up on Sundays. It can be tiring. Full Story...

Join Up, Move Up, Tune Up: Playing in an Ensemble is Perfect Accompaniment to Juniata Education

Baton poised in mid-air, the conductor bows her head slightly, as though gathering her thoughts, and snaps her head and her arms up, cueing the music as the orchestra swells to the otherworldly sounds of “The Planets.” Teresa Cheung, conductor of the Altoona Symphony Orchestra, is not only creating an aural portrait of Gustav Holst’s tone poem to the galaxy, she also is expanding the musical universe for Juniata students. Above, in a meeting of the maestros, Jim Latten, director of the Juniata Orchestra, and Teresa Cheung, artistic director of the Altoona Symphony Orchestra, interact at a rehearsal for a combined performance of Gustav Holst’s The Planets. The concerts were made possible by a gift from Marlene ’62 and Barry ’65 Halbritter. Full Story...

Making Music Slide Show

Making Music Slide Show

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