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L.A. Beeghly Library

The Beeghly Library is an integral resource in support of the educational programs of Juniata College. The library provides superb research resources with journals, online journals, interlibrary loan and reference holdings.

Righting Writing at the Writing Center

As the school year comes to a close, many students rush to the Writing Center for help on their essays. John Dubensky, one of the students working in the Juniata Writing Center, answers some questions about the task of assisting with student writing:

Q: What kinds of writing help requests do you usually get?

A: It's pretty evenly spread out. We get a lot of CWS papers and some business papers. Probably the least common ones are science papers, like case studies and stuff like that. You usually don't see too many of them. In the fall, the CWS papers are the most common ones because that's when most people have CWS. Full Story...

Into The Labyrinth: Contemplative Space Created Near Beeghly Library

On every college campus there is a student center, but where can students go to become centered? On the Juniata campus, stressed-out scholars can head to Beeghly Library and “walk” the newly installed labyrinth, an ancient aid to meditation or prayer. A labyrinth is a maze-like structure laid out on a flat surface, but the labyrinth differs from mazes in that mazes are complex puzzles featuring choices of path and direction, while a labyrinth has just a single path that leads to the center. Juniata’s circular labyrinth is constructed in paver bricks and forms a contemplative study space near the north end of Beeghly Library. Full Story...

Coffee Cart

The 2013 Senior Class Gift collected more than $34,000 (70 percent of the class contributed to the gift), for a coffee bar to be located in Beeghly Library. The java stop will be named “Brewed Awakening,” based on the naming contest winning entry by Emma Ruggery '13. It is being built by Endres, a local construction company. In addition the gift will fund an endowment to Theatre 5 in the Clifton 5 movie theatre in downtown Huntingdon.

Virtual Tour Beeghly Library

Virtual Tour Beeghly Library

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