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At Juniata, we encourage you to explore.

Asia Barron

Many students find that their interests complicate the choice of an academic focus. Like Asia Alexandria Barron '13.

"I am an exploratory POE at Juniata because I like to sample everything. Since I don't have a career picked out yet, this gives me the opportunity to try out all the different things that Juniata has to offer. That way, when I do make a decision about my POE, I can be certain that I am in the field that is best for me."


Your early work won't "count against you" in the way it might with more conventional "majors." Though not every student who wishes to study history or politics necessarily wants to design every aspect of the process. But about 50% of our students do.

Two Academic Advisers

You get two academic advisers who'll guide you through your unique academic exploration. They're from different departments so they'll help you succeed from different informed points of view.

Career Services

Juniata's liberal arts education will provide you with long-term career adaptability. During your freshman year, you can work with the Juniata Career Team, a collection of hundreds of alumni willing to share their experiences and insight with you.

Study Abroad

Half of Juniata students study abroad for several weeks, a semester or an entire year. We have programs on every continent, except Antarctica!


Nearly 85% of graduates have participated in an internship, conducted original research, or collaborated with faculty on a research project while at Juniata. Past internship sites have included:

Student Research

Unlike other schools where students are, at best, test subjects, Juniata professors routinely engage students in every aspect of their research. Our classes are built around:

With significant experience in research, Juniata students have a distinct advantage in graduate programs.